Hexagon Laser Toolsetters

Non-contact tool measurement allows automatic checks for tool wear or breakage. Constant production quality requires the use of reliable accurate tooling. One vital requirement is precise tool data. The data is automatically transferred to the tool table of the control. Periodic tool checks for broken tools or wear create additional production safety. The Laser Tool Setter from m&h will do this job, saving time and increasing reliability.

Hexagon Laser Tool Setter LTS35.60

Premium laser tool setter for dynamic tool measurement in the high-end sector. The non-contact precision measurement makes possible dynamic length and diameter checking on almost every tool from Ø 0.008 mm.

Design, concept and construction as well the quality of the optics used ensure straightforward alignment, calibration, reliable setup and operation of the laser unit. The stainless steel housing as well as the largely maintenance-free laser optics and the straightforward handling make this system ideally suited to workshop use.

Hexagon Laser Tool Setter LTS35.65-23

The laser tool setter Compact is designed for usage in machines with a limited amount of space for the measurement of particularly small tools.

With a length of 123 mm and a height of only 66 mm, there is space for the system even in a small machine. The cable outlet is also only downward to prevent the need for more space for cables and the pneumatic supply.

Hexagon Laser Tool Setter LTS35.65

The standard laser tool setter for non-contact tool measurement, for reliable and quick machine setup, tool wear and tool breakage control. A low cost system for the majority of measuring tasks on tools from Ø 0.030 mm, with significant advantages compared to previous common standard instruments. Compared to the conventional systems, the electrical connection is significantly simpler.

An air curtain connection from the on-board pneumatics is all that is required in the majority of cases. Only two spare M functions are required in the control, an aspect that simplifies the electrical installation and keeps down the machine-related costs and effort.

Hexagon Laser Tool Setter LTS35.66

The laser tool setter LTS35.66 is a cost-effective system for the majority of measuring tasks on tools from Ø 1 mm and offers tool breakage detection with significant advantages compared to other common standard instruments.